CCA brings the experience and lessons learned from operations in some of the most austere environments to your situation and business.  There are few situations or issues that CCA has not already seen, evaluated, resourced, and then facilitated solutions to avoid or correct. Fully qualified and experienced staff will give you a focused assessment and solution to any issue or problem you or your employees have found.

CCA also provides an outside look to assist you in seeing issues you may not be aware of.  Often insurance companies take these assessments in consideration for reduced premiums or other benefits to your business.


CCA also provides procedural and technical writing services to support a wide experience base.




Callahan Consulting Associates is a Service Disabled, Veteran Owned Small Business. We pride ourselves in taking life experience in some of the most challenging and austere areas of the world and applying it to every day challenges here at home. Our main focus is OSHA compliance and efficiency. Staff has General Industry (1910) and Construction Qualified Instructors (1926) and subject matter experts. Training, education, audits, and recommended improvements help business be more efficient, safer, and avoid costs. Focus is on improving and establishing systems and safety culture.

CCA is NYS ICR 59/60 Certified to assist businesses improve their programs and processes to facilitate a safer and more efficient workplace.

CCA is also certified for firearms training, education, and sales.

We bring the experience to your work place or work site. Our support can be from site assessments and surveys to the technical writing to help fill your company need. Assist with lowering OSHA scores (DART, TCIR), DOT score, and incident rates. Subject Matter Expert for legal proceedings. Accident Investigator and corrective action.

SDVOB Control #161263

NYS Vendor# 1100166587



DUNS: 07-937-0908

FFL: 6-16-045-07-2G-04468

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